2 Risks Associated With Hiring an Employee

Posted by Erin Tongue on Oct 8, 2015 4:00:00 PM

There are inherent risks when hiring a new employee. What if they're not qualified in the way you thought they would be? What if they don't get along with the rest of the team?

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Lead by Action in the Workplace

Posted by Erin Tongue on Oct 1, 2015 9:46:07 AM

At Employment Solutions, we often talk about the difference between leaders who inspire their teams, and those who just manage departments. Businesses sorely need the kind of leaders who can bring a company forward, rather than just working a desk.

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Start Improving Your Leadership Skills Today

Posted by Erin Tongue on Sep 29, 2015 1:29:20 PM

 What goes into learning the ropes as a leader and developing the skills that you need to grow within an organization?

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Topics: Elmira NY Leadership Strategies, Tips on Workplace Leadership, Workplace Leadership Tips

Building a Successful Workplace Mentoring Program

Posted by Erin Tongue on Sep 24, 2015 11:23:22 AM

A career mentoring program can help preserve knowledge and skills that the business has grown by investing in its original long-term staff. If you view salary and benefits expenses as an investment, you'll want to capitalize on the brainpower that your employees have accumulated through the years.

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How to Attract Millennials to Your Organization

Posted by Erin Tongue on Sep 22, 2015 11:11:38 AM

Before you dimiss millenials, it's important to remember that this generation has already shaped our lives. The millenial world is open, connected and diverse. Understanding the future of your company means understanding this generation.

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Topics: Millennials and Your Business, Hiring Millennials


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